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Marketing Manager


Emily Mason, Marketing Manager, Tetrad, started 2013

From a sandwich student to Marketing Manager, Emily has taken a different path to her career

Is it really almost seven years?

When preparing to write this, I hadn’t realised that I have been with Tetrad so long. I came as a fresh faced sandwich student as part of my Business Studies & Marketing Degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I loved marketing but chose a course that would keep my options open in case I decided differently. I am glad that I did, but I am now a marketing specialist.

I arrived here by chance

Our university had links with certain companies, but I was not that interested in any of the roles. Then a friend told me that there was a company looking for a placement student.
I had never heard of Tetrad but when I mentioned it to my parents and grandparents, they had. I researched the company and I was instantly hooked. A real bonus was that they were based in Preston, so I could commute easily from my home in Wigan.

My induction to Tetrad

My first was as a marketing assistant, but the company made sure that I had a grounding in all areas. I toured the factory and met all the teams. My first role was working with the sales teams, working with the stockist and customers. I loved this part of the role as I got to really understand the product. I also got involved in processing sales, so I learnt the full sales process which has helped me enormously in my marketing role. Needless to say, I got involved in so many other areas of the business and I learnt so much.

First real job

I was delighted to be offered a job when I graduated in 2015. It meant that they had appreciated the work that I had done and wanted to offer me a role which was a big confidence boost. I had built up a really good rapport with the MD, Janus Cooper, who had made sure that I was included in as many things as possible during my placement. I felt really part of the company.

To go or not to go?

So it made it tough for me when an opportunity came up for me and my partner in 2017 to go and work and travel in New Zealand. I was in two minds but everyone at the company told me to go, in a good way! They saw it as a great chance to do something different and something I’d regret if I didn’t. We had a great time there and I learnt a lot about myself. I suddenly had to become much more organised and plan ahead, and I surprised myself with how organised I became. I have taken these skills to my work life too.

Back down to earth

We landed back in England in June 2019 and I took a role in a company in Manchester. Naturally I wanted to come back to Tetrad but there wasn’t a role. Then I got a call from Janus offering me a new position that he had created as a Design Co-ordinator. This was a great move for me as I got to work with the Design and development Director Chris Fletcher and our designer Ryan McNeish. I got to work on the prototypes from design to full concepts through to the exhibitions. I loved being I meetings looking at fabrics and discussing the latest trends.

My current role is the best

In October 2019 I became the Marketing Manager for the company. Definitely my best role so far. I still get to do the creative elements with Chris and Ryan but I now have an overview of the marketing. Janus keeps pushing me to develop and take on new skills so that I understand the business more. I have worked with the CAD team, upholsterers and the sewing department to get products designed and produced which I enjoy.

The role is definitely busy and there are some stressful times. We’ve just had our two biggest exhibitions in January, so it was manic. I love the pressure, working hard and then seeing the end product. I spent a lot of time at the exhibitions talking to customers and the feedback to our new products has been amazing. This is more satisfying because I am now part of the team that’s beavering away to come up with the sofas that we think people will love.

Why would I recommend working here?

Working at Tetrad is like being part of a family. I know it sounds cliched but there is a real team spirit and everyone believes in the product. I am an absolute Tetrad devotee and I think we make a product like no other. I feel proud when I walk round a store and see our sofas in prime position.

As a graduate, the company invests in you. I have had so many opportunities and I know there will be more. I want to develop my management and leadership skills so that I can become a better manager. I have an assistant and apprentice in my team and I hope to grow this.

Where will I be in five years? Leading a big team here at Tetrad having helped the business become even more successful!

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“Working at Tetrad is like being part of a family.”

Emily Mason

Marketing Manager


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